BTYP: A Year in Review

Here is a look back at how 2011 was for BTYP…

2011 was the starting year for BTYP, a year where we were warming up as a group.

The year started and followed through until late summer with [ WARhoused ] - our first project together. Unfortunately after about 6 months, filming and production got cancelled.

During [ WARhoused ] we gained 3 new members: Ming, Mateusz, and Pawel.

We started using Vimeo, and all our videos are now posted there.

We followed with "not perfect - a short film" which gave an optimistic turn to BTYP. “not perfect” was our first completed project as a group. This short film was entered into the Disposable Film Fest.

BTYP bought a condenser microphone for sound, and another came to our possession, which will be used for audio.

Rocco and I started a BTYP Montage Series. We only made 2 in 2011, but we plan to make more 2012!

BTYP started a twitter page and also a Facebook page.

Apprent. of Lucas Whitaker had a trailer released and was done as a school project. 

We made a deal with Josh Gutierrez, and his comedy series “Almost Grown Up”. This series is still in the works. It is staged for release in 2012.

BTYP bought a Nikon P500 for superior filming quality! 

Joe wrote a new short film, “Solis Cinis”. Filming was about 50% done, but we postponed filming to 2012.

From there, BTYP went cruising, but with occasional fun-to-ride-type-of-hills. “not perfect” was entered into the Disposable Film Fest. Joe independently created a music video and a serene video titled, "November Rain" (which broke BTYPs viewing records many times over!).

Keith came up with an idea to make a love story, since both of us have experienced a rough ride on this topic.
I started writing the screenplay, and much of the ideas I took from both our life experiences. We named the film, “Sunshine”.
This film will be an enormous amount of work, but with the proper organization and tools, I believe we can pull it off.

Closing in on the Christmas season, Rocco got Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5, which completely pushes forward BTYPs barriers!

Closing the year, BTYP got a Opteka shoulder rig, and is on the Second Draft for the Sunshine screenplay.

To end this year, BTYP’s (and I counted myself) videos were viewed 664 times in 2011!

Cheers to 2012!

Written by Joseph Barnas